Chipping Lesson 6 – Downswing

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When you swing down into the ball for a chip shot the leading edge of the golf club has to swing down into the ground in the downswing. (See Chipping Picture #22 Below)

Chipping Downswing

Chipping Downswing

Everything leading up to this moment allows the golf club to swing into the ground and under the golf ball. As the golf club is swinging back down into the back of the golf ball the leading edge of the golf club can dig after it reaches the bottom of the arc or it can bottom out and begin to swing back up. If you stay on the correct path in the downswing the club will continue to dig.

If as you’re chipping the leading edge of the golf club digs into the ground the golf ball will strike the center of the golf club and the golf ball will have the correct loft on the way to the green. Remember, chop, not stop. (Seep Chipping Pictures #23 – 25 Below)

Perfect Chipping Impact

Perfect Chipping Impact

Chipping Acceleration

Chipping Acceleration

Keep Following Through

In the final chipping lesson we’re going to look at the follow-through. So make sure you come back to see that.

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